Wednesday, March 26, 2014


  Today is Wednesday, March 26, 2014. We have just completed another novel, Hoot. The protagonist in the book is Roy Eberhardt. I know Roy is the protagonist because he saves the owls. The antagonist in the book is the Mother Paula's company. I know Mother Paula's company is the antagonist because they tried to burry the burrows where the owls live. The main conflict in hoot is they are tried to build the pancake house were owls live. The resolution In the story is Mullet Fingers and Roy Eberhardt save the burrows from getting burried. 
My three favorite parts are when Roy gave her the paper from city hall, I liked when Beatrice hung Dana on the flag pole, I liked when the revelead Mullet Fingers real three least favorite parts are when Lonna hugged Mullet Fingers just to be on TV, I don't like when they tried to bury the burrows, I don't like that Lonna lied about Mullet Fingers stealing her toe ring. If I could be anyone in the book I would be Mullet Fingers because he can catch a mullet with his bare hands. Overall this book was great because the saved some rare owls.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Here's the scoop

 Today is Friday,November 15,2013 and the weather is getting colder. We have been working hard on Math. We learned how to do Divisibility rules. We have also been working on greatest common factor. Are number of the day is 33. Number of the day is when we get a number and find any way to make it the same number. Mrs.Binge's class is selling snack passes for 1.00. The money raised is going to a charity.
 Congrats to the people that made the basketball team; there first game is on Tuesday at 3:45 at Disk.Trelyn,Kaderius,Jacobe,Jahmel,Kamilian,and Tyler made the team.Our next states Captials test is on Wednesday November 20, 2013. I am studying to take my Captials test. I'm sure i will do good. We have been working on lots of vocab words. One word I like is pretest. The definition is a test before the real test. Our holiday program is December 12. Our songs are we will jingle and jingle bell rock. We are reading loser. It's about a kid that loves to play but never wins. I like this book because it is funny.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Stupid cats


                                        Cats are dumb.

                                         They are bumb.
                                         Why can't they see they don't belong.
                                         They don't know that there scrubs.

                                       So why do they exist
                                       Why can't see there the lamest.


Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Heris the Scoop from Room 12

Today is another Hot day in room 12. It'sWednesday September 11, 2013.The temperature says is is over 80 degrease right now.the hardest part about working in the heat is you got to move around.
This week we will be taking two district test in Reading and Math.I think I will do great.We have been Reading Maniac Magee.The best part when he was living with Grayson.I really didn't like it when Grayson died.When been working on plot ,character, setting while reading Maniac Magee.
Please follow us on Facebook-Walkers 5th grade wonders!!!!! Plot a series of events.character people in the story.setting where and when the story takes place.